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Ahorn Books
ahorn books is a Berlin-based publishing project focused on the theory of photography, visual and cultural criticism, artist’s books, experimental writing, and translation. Founded in 2016 by Daniel Augschöll and Anya Jasbar.
  • Ahorn Archive 1

    Ahorn Archive is a compact resource to carry with you, with a selection of interviews and essays on photography.

    Language: English

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 500

    Format: 126x168mm

    Pages: 80

    Printing: offset

    Price: € 10

  • La Ripetizione (1) - Anya Jasbar, Chris Rocchegiani

    Artist's Multiple: Envelope with typewritten text and hand-embroidered intervention, two letters, and two postcards.

    Language: English, Italian

    Year: 2022

    Print run: 100

    Format: 220x110mm

    Pages: 6

    Printing: typewritten text, embroidery, risoprint

    Price: € 30

  • Le Ore (Special Edition) - Daniel Augschöll, Anya Jasbar

    Custom-made box including the books Le Ore, Celeste e Verde, and a black and white fine art print. Signed.

    Language: English, Italian

    Year: 2018

    Print run: 10

    Format: 165x233mm

    Pages: 128

    Printing: offset, fine art print

    Price: € 150