Indiecon is a joint effort of independent magazine, book, art print and zine publishers from all over the world. The three-day publishing festival is based at Hamburg’s Oberhafen, a former freight yard now creative quarter right in the city centre.

Founded in 2014, Indiecon has since developed into a regular platform for an international scene of publishers – and become an annual destination for visitors from media, arts, book trade and the creative industries. In 2022, more than 120 publishers from 20 countries and 15 german cities took part.

We firmly believe that independent publishing is an important part of a free society. Every magazine, book, art print or zine offers a glimpse into another person’s reality. They spark an exchange of ideas and thereby widen your world.

Right now, since our universe has been immensely shrunk for more than two years, we feel we need this exchange even more. For more on the how and why behind Indiecon have a look here.

Indiecon is powered by an ever-growning community of independent publishers. It is organized by Die Brueder Publishing, an editorial and design office based in Hamburg and Berlin run by Urs and Malte Spindler. As Die Brueder team, we have been deeply involved in digital and print magazines for many years and are producers and publishers ourselves. Feel free to get in touch!

Indiecon was founded in 2014 by Urs Spindler, Malte Spindler, Martin Kaumanns, Philipp Gieseler and Malte Brenneisen.