Independent Publishing Festival 2024

Sep 06 – 08, 2024

Oberhafen, Hamburg - Save the date!

Independent Publishing Festival 2024

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Expansion of the Indieverse

Independent publishing takes many forms. A glossy magazine or a spreadsheet website. A rugged newspapers or an Instagram channel. A podcast, a newsletter, a hand-crafted fanzine. An artist book or chunks of code on a server.

This is not about form

We see independent publishing as a culture rather than a market, driven by collaboration instead of competition. We see communities gather and thrive around written or spoken word. We see real world impact by organizations build around a shared publishing practice. In this sense, it does not matter if you print on paper or post online.

We are all independent publishers

As such, our publications often exist in the realm of the unlikely. They are highly dependent on their creator’s health, motivation, and skill – as well as infrastructure in production and distribution. We want to share best practice in the field and work together on new collaborative ideas to sustain publications. It is always easier not to publish.

It's always good to try something new

From the world of printed matter, we extend Indiecon‘s scope into the quiet, odd and poetic web. To learn from the publishers who populate it and the ones in-between. To share skills between the makers of more or less tangible publications. And to discuss the shared perspectives on building communities, and self-organizing for a common cause.


Indiecon returned to its homebase in Hamburg’s beautiful Oberhafen, a former freight yard right in the city centre. This year, all events were held in the newly opened, community-run Gleishalle and it might be the most beautiful location we ever had.