Ankerwechsel Verlag

Ankerwechsel Verlag
Ankerwechsel books are about cities, culture and creative minds. Take a deep dive with us into the cities Leipzig, Amsterdam, Kopenhagen and Hamburg. Also in our publishing portfolio: limited prints and postcards.
  • Äpfel und Bananen

    Limited print – fruit basket, photographed at Oberhafen during Indiecon 2017.

    Year: 2020

    Print run: 200

    Format: 594 × 420 mm

    Printing: offset

    Price: € 32.00

  • Hallo Leipzig

    Dieses Buch widmet sich Leipzig, seiner Kultur und zeigt Gründer*innen, die dort besondere Orte geschaffen haben.

    Language: German

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 2000

    Format: 230 × 157 mm

    Pages: 176

    Printing: offset, risograph, open thread stitching

    Price: € 28.00

  • Hello Amsterdam

    English Version of our Amsterdam Guide with tips for Cafés, Culture and more.

    Language: English (also available in German)

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 700

    Format: 157 × 230 mm

    Pages: 128

    Printing: offset

    Price: € 22.00