Anaïs Rallo

Anaïs Rallo
Anaïs is an illustrator and graphic designer. Through her compositions, she tries to play with the interpretation of the spectators by diverting the obvious of everyday life. A round universe in black and white punctuated by coloured notes, where the living cohabits with fantasy and eroticism.

  • Amour Impossible

    By Lucie Malbequi, Valentine Ridde, Charlotte Funeste and Anaïs Rallo

    Language: French

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 100

    Format: 105 × 74 mm

    Printing: risograph

    Price: € 5.00

    Palms in river

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 12

    Format: 500 × 650 mm

    Printing: screen printing

    Price: € 40.00

    The Women’s Bath

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 50

    Format: 420 × 594 mm

    Printing: risograph

    Price: € 35.00

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