Indiecon Conference 2022

Indiecon Conference echoes this year’s festival topic “Repetition is not a Repeat” in two nights of keynotes, discussions and lectures by international publishers.

What can remain? What must change? This year’s conference seeks to re-evaluate with curiosity and open minds how independent magazines are created and designed and the cultural infrastructures that inform them. What are alternatives? Redesign, reinvent, reconfigure, share, explore and escape into new and familiar places and ideas, constructing independent publishers’ motivations and experiences.


Friday Sep 3

Redesigning Jacobin

Power Struggles in Visual Culture

A Publishing Journey

Living the Wet Life

  • Moderator

    Nina Prader, Indiecon Conference Curator

Saturday Sep 4

Publishing Illness

  • Moderator

    Nina Prader, Indiecon Conference Curator

How to Build on the Ruins of the Present

Very Mad and very Fun

  • Moderator

    Urs Spindler, Indiecon Co-Founder

Steven Watson on Passion Projects