Kajet Journal / Dispozitiv Books 2,3

Kajet Journal / Dispozitiv Books
Dispozitiv Books is a publishing studio that seeks to carve out new meanings to the relation between theory and image, between the experiences of the past and the possibilities of the future. Kajet is an annual, Bucharest-based journal of Eastern European encounters.
  • Camera Arhiva

    Camera Arhiva is an archival platform seeking to unearth Romanian printed matter published between 1947 and 1989.

    Language: English

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 300

    Format: 220x300mm

    Pages: 256

    Printing: offset

    Price: € 30

  • KAJET 05 — On Easternfuturism

    The main intention of the fifth issue is to tentatively sketch a re-conceptualisation of Eastern Europe’s future.

    Language: English

    Year: 2022

    Print run: 1500

    Format: 165x230mm

    Pages: 298

    Printing: offset

    Price: € 20

  • The Future of Nostalgia

    A magazine that seeks to reimagine, reclaim, and remap future potentialities of ideas that are shaping contemporary society.

    Language: English

    Year: 2022

    Print run: 500

    Format: 230x310mm

    Pages: 128

    Printing: offset

    Price: € 14