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Terry Bleu
Terry Bleu is an independent Riso, screen printing studio and publishing house founded in Amsterdam by Hugo Rocci. Our quest is to transform the work of artists we love into fresh, one-of-a-kind prints. We get fired up about all things playful, colourful, naive, and surprising.
  • Jířa

    Lucie Lučanská Jířa

    Language: English

    Year: 2022

    Print run: 200

    Format: 190 x 245mm

    Pages: 48

    Printing: Risoprint

    Price: € 18

  • Marc's Souvenir

    Marc's Souvenir Marc Hennes

    Language: none

    Year: 2022

    Print run: 100

    Format: 285 x 420mm

    Pages: 12

    Printing: Screen-print

    Price: € 40

  • Temples for the unbelievable

    Fiona Lutjenhuis Temples for the unbelievable

    Language: English

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 250

    Format: 185 x 250mm

    Pages: 22

    Printing: Risoprint

    Price: € 22