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Happy Potato Press
Happy Potato Press is the publishing platform of visual artist and writer Martijn in ‘t Veld. Since 2019, we have been putting out books, prints, printed matter and other potatoes. With or without mayonnaise.
  • Sock Poems

    Sock Poems is a collection of twenty-four poems handwritten on the soles of socks (size 43-46).

    Language: Socks

    Year: 2020

    Print run: 250

    Format: 210x297mm

    Pages: 24

    Printing: Laser print, saddle stitch

    Price: € 18

  • Sometimes Coffee - Sometimes Tea

    Sometimes Coffee – Sometimes Tea is a picture book about coffee and tea.

    Language: Coffee & Tea

    Year: 2022

    Print run: 500

    Format: 220x220mm

    Pages: 48

    Printing: Offset

    Price: € 22

  • Texts for T-Shirts

    A book with handwritten poems and drawings that function as worn and sweaty billboards for the soul.

    Language: T-Shirts

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 250

    Format: 200x260mm

    Pages: 48

    Printing: Laser print, cold glue binding

    Price: € 20