Exhibitors 2022

BanBan monthly edition 4,8,2

BanBan monthly edition
Since 2018, Collective BanBan create monthly editions. We try different mediums each month or change the color and weight of paper to fit the theme. The words of the theme are arranged in the order of adjectives, nouns, verbs, and it becomes a sentence. We also make a special edition once a year.
  • Sucré

    23rd monthly edition

    Language: French and Korean

    Year: 2020

    Print run: 20

    Format: 148x210mm

    Pages: 12

    Printing: Offset

    Price: € 10e

  • 1st anniversary special edition

    Including four small editions, each with an engraving work.

    Language: French, Korean

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 25

    Format: Various sizes, the largest size is a4

    Printing: Offset

    Price: € 50e

  • 3rd anniversary special edition

    including 4 posters printed in risography.

    Language: French, Korean

    Year: 2022

    Print run: 25

    Format: 297x420mm

    Printing: Risoprint

    Price: € 50e