Homeparkpress is an independent publishing project from Hamburg, Germany. The label operates at the intersection of photography, book design and typography. How can poetic sentiment develop in photography and find expression in the form of the photo book?
  • facade

    16 photographs of storefronts, taken before and after the G20 summit meeting in Hamburg, Germany

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 100

    Format: 264 × 207 mm

    Pages: 38

    Printing: HP Indigo Digital

    Price: € 20.00

  • Y-31

    24 photographs taken in Yanaka, Japan

    Language: English and Japanese

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 200

    Format: 148 × 210 mm

    Pages: 32

    Printing: HP Indigo Digital

    Price: € 15.00