Greta Rusttt

Greta Rusttt

Greta Rusttt is an art collective founded in 2013, working in collaborative projects with artists and writers. In the context of the virtual times we live in, Greta Rusttt focuses on the role of books and printed editions in today’s society.

  • Keywording (Post) Contemporary Art

    Artist book by Greta Rusttt. Riso-printed in Berlin. Published by Gloria Glitzer. Based on a true story.

    Language: English

    Year: 2018

    Print run: 200

    Format: 115 × 240 mm

    Pages: 60

    Printing: risograph

    Price: € 20.00

  • The Posttraumatic #1

    The Posttraumatic is a non-newspaper created by creatives and artists. First issue entitled “Inhale-Exhale”.

    Language: Spanish, Catalan, English

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 2000

    Format: 400 × 290 mm

    Pages: 24

    Printing: offset

    Price: € 12.00

  • When the Internet goes down, This will exist

    Poster: “When the Internet goes down, this will exist” Sticker: QR code “When the Internet goes down, this will not exist”

    Language: English

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 100

    Format: 420 × 297 mm

    Printing: risograph

    Price: € 5.00