2404editions is a small manufacture producing limited edition artistbooks, letterpress/embossing photocards and handstamped giftcards, also offering a variety of different bookbinding techniques for custom made folders, photograph albums and notebooks.

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  • 15

    15 prints from nyloprint cliché in a handmade folder. images by claudia eschborn.

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 40

    Format: ca. 100 × 160 mm

    Pages: 15

    Printing: print from photopolymer cliché

    Price: € 20.00

  • finding llareggub

    Photographs in an handmade folder. Images by claudia eschborn.

    Language: German/English

    Year: 2016

    Print run: 65

    Format: 215 × 175 mm

    Pages: 34

    Printing: photography, fine art prints

    Price: € 68.00

  • still (a) life

    Fine art print edition in a handmade folder. Photographs by claudia eschborn.

    Language: n.a.

    Year: 2021

    Print run: 50

    Format: 180 × 240 mm

    Pages: 3

    Printing: photography, fine art prints

    Price: € 160.00