Terry Bleu

Terry Bleu
Terry Bleu is an independent printing workshop and publishing house founded in Amsterdam by Hugo Rocci. We get fired up about all things playful, colourful, naive, and surprising.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

    Topics: A collection of fruits and vegetables shop fronts.

    Language: English

    Year: 2020

    Print run: 50

    Format: 310 × 200 mm

    Pages: 15

    Printing: screen print

    Price: € 50.00

    Motel Universe 2

    Topics: Second Part of the insane Motel Universe series by Joakim Drescher

    Language: English

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 400

    Format: 250 × 190 mm

    Pages: 200

    Printing: screen print, riso

    Price: € 40.00


    Topics: car collection

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 300

    Format: 190 × 120 mm

    Printing: riso

    Price: € 10.00

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