nomen nominandum buch

nomen nominandum buch
nomen nominandum buch is a collective that pursues the passion for art and book production. Curious, open minded and passionate, we explore the book as space. In close cooperation with changing actors from art and culture, we explore the unfinished, the unfamiliar or less familiar.

  • Based on Promises

    Topics: contemporary photography, space, history of photography

    Language: German, English

    Year: 2020

    Print run: 200

    Format: 240 × 315 mm

    Pages: 82

    Printing: softcover, open binding, thread stiching, digital printing, cover with screen printing, high gloss varnish

    Price: € 36.00


    Topics: contemporary art, relationship between man and thing, drawing, spatial investigations

    Language: German

    Year: 2020

    Print run: 300

    Format: 210 × 210 mm

    Pages: 50

    Printing: offset, thread stiching, softcover, open spine

    Price: € 24.00


    Topics: contemporary art, networking, react to each other, cultural critism

    Language: German

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 500

    Format: 160 × 240 mm

    Pages: 176 pages plus a 24-page brochure

    Printing: offset, thread stitching, softcover

    Price: € 22.00

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