International Neighbourhood Publishing

International Neighbourhood Publishing
We are an publishing & art collective focussing on art in public space. We publish books, magazines and silkscreen prints in mostly limited editions. We released more than 10 numbers of an artistic sticker-magazine that is printed on vinyl sticker material – the Klebstoff Stickermag.

  • Cozi Klebstoff Stickermag

    Topics: illustration, comic, stickers

    Language: English, German

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 2000

    Format: 150 × 150 mm

    Pages: 48

    Printing: offset on vinyl sticker

    Price: € 9.90

    Vertex Maximus

    Topics: finest hand-screenprint craftmanship, special colors only, a lexical hodgepodge

    Language: German

    Year: 2018

    Print run: 250

    Format: 245 × 340 mm

    Pages: 32

    Printing: screenprint, handmade

    Price: € 150.00

    Aversive Adhesives

    Topics: photography, absurdities, beauty

    Language: English

    Year: 2018

    Print run: 2000

    Format: 240 × 220 mm

    Pages: 34

    Printing: offset on vinyl sticker

    Price: € 17.90

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