They are regarded as the inventors of the Lügenpresse: Harald Lippert, Christian Y. Schmidt, Rüdiger Stanko, Fritz Tietz and Hans Zippert produced fifteen issues of the legendary Dreck magazine in the 1980s. Now, after a break of only 32 years, they have struck again with Dreck 16.

Bielefeld, Hannover, Oberursel, Seevetal, Peking


Dreck 16: The return of the super editors

Dreck 16: The return of the super editors

Topics: Why can’t DRECK editors just shut up? Why do they have to produce all the time, although nobody asked them to? And why does their urge for pomposity seem to grow stronger in old age?

Language: German

Year: 2020

Print run: 2000

Format: 210 × 280 mm

Pages: 132

Printing: offset

Price: €9.00

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