Dirty Flower Press

Dirty Flower Press
Based in Berlin, Dirty Flower Press produces books and illustration. Melancholic and cynical by nature, DFP aims to create work that’s not fearful of cheerfully exploring the underbelly of emotions and the personification of thoughts.

  • Togetherverse

    Topics: nature, philosophy

    Language: English, German

    Year: 2019

    Print run: 1000

    Format: 210 × 210 mm

    Pages: 32

    Printing: digital

    Price: € 19.00

    Water Babies

    Topics: Water Babies is a staple bound book with 44 illustrations, printed in rainbow order. All of these images are made from making puddles of watercolor on paper and then finding the creatures that are hiding in them.

    Year: 2018

    Print run: 100

    Format: 148 × 104 mm

    Pages: 22

    Printing: digital

    Price: € 8.00

    Feel Good Gods

    Topics: After many expeditions into the depths of our deepest emotions this deck catalogues 25 of the most recently discovered Feel Good Gods. Ready to be thrown in your pocket for any situation, the Feel Good Gods are there to help when you’re feeling anxious, self-conscious or just really need a snack.

    Language: English

    Year: 2018

    Print run: 250

    Format: 89 × 63 mm

    Pages: 26

    Printing: offset

    Price: € 15.00

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