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Indiecon International Travel Grant 2022

The field of independent publishing is wide and the niches are deep. To broaden our view, we asked this bunch of lovely people connected to the independent publishing world in general and to Indiecon in special to propose titles that blew their minds and to select this years awardees.

Fernando Augusto Pacheco

Producer and Senior Correspondent for Monocle 24. I host our weekly podcast about magazines and print - The Stack -  - from independent publications, new forms of print media and graphic novels, The Stack is Monocle's take on the world of print.

Besides hosting The Stack I write for Monocle magazine and am live on air talking about topics ranging from the Global charts to Brazilian politics. I also choose the songs on the Monocle 24 playlist.

Jae Kyung Kim

Kim is a founding director at, an art book platform located in Berlin, Germany and also served as a co-founder of an artist book publishing house, called ENKR based in Naju, Korea. She studied Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London, UK.

Kim curates exhibitions, translates and publishes art books as a way of carrying out her artistic practice. Kim considers books as art objects that can be curated in exhibition formats. Kim aims to stimulate the perception and understanding of books as a means of artistic expression.

Lubi Barre

Lubi Barre (Hamburg/Berlin), born 1982 in Paris, France, is a writer of poetry and short stories. She published her story "Goodbye" in 2016 in the anthology "My Old Man" at Cannongate and in August 2020 in the German language collection "Here and There" at Punktum Verlag. She is the co-organizer of the independent reading series AHAB and a member of the Residency Writers Room. From 2017-2020 she was co-organizer and co-moderator of the reading series Hafenlesung as well as the 2020 and 2021 literary curator of the Fluctoplasma festival in Hamburg. Currently, she is the Head of Campus of Factory Hammerbrooklyn in Hamburg.

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    Hamburg, Germany

Malin Schulz

Malin Schulz has been an art director at Die ZEIT since 2013 and a member of the senior editorial team since 2016. In her editorial role, she is responsible for embedding and implementing new ideas and innovation processes in the newspaper’s printed output. A trained photographer, she enjoys writing about political photography and how it is perceived.

Nelson Ng

Nelson Ng  is the Founding Editor of LOST magazine. Born and raised in Singapore, he fell into the world of advertising after graduating from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, New York) in 2008, and moved to China to work as an Art Director at advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai. During his time in Shanghai, he rediscovered travel and founded LOST magazine in 2014 as a platform for people to share their personal travel stories. Since then, he has left advertising to focus on publication projects.

Ryan Fitzgibbon

Ryan Fitzgibbon is a former IDEO designer turned creator of Hello Mr. magazine, and co-founder of the queer marketplace, HANK. He's current based in Oklahoma where he is supporting local activism and independent publishing efforts, while working on a book under the Tulsa Artist Fellowship.

Liz Gomis

Unraveling unheard stories with her lens and her pen since 2003, Liz Gomis runs around the world from France, where she was born, to Senegal or from Brazil to Uganda working for all types of media as a journalist. As a diaspora kid, Liz always had to find answers by herself to connect the dots between her African heritage to her western life. She became a journalist to find those answers and play her part in flipping the script in western media and contribute to a global change of mindset to look at the African continent. Today she’s gathered a team of African nomadic, creative women fully committed to offer the new narrative OFF TO embraces, a magazine dedicated to African urban cities. The publication, born during the first lockdown and fabricated between the African continent and Europe is at the crossroad of all her activities.

Frances Uckermann

Frances Uckermann is the director of the interdisciplinary and internationally oriented Design Zentrum Hamburg, a municipal institution belonging to Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft.

Previously, the multiple award-winning editorial designer and creative director worked for major media brands. She studied fine arts and visual communication.

Julia Kahl

Julia is a designer, editor and publisher, and has a great passion for typography, editorial design and all things print. Together with Lars Harmsen she founded the independent publishing and media house Slanted Publishers with international recognition for its activities such as Slanted magazine & blog and various publications in the field of typography and design.

Mohamad Abdouni

Mohamad Abdouni is an artist, photographer, filmmaker and curator based between Beirut and Istanbul. He is also Editor in-Chief and Creative Director of COLD CUTS magazine, the photo journal exploring queer cultures in the SWANA region. His work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, the Foam Gallery in Amsterdam, the Institute of Islamic Culture in Paris, Patel Brown in Toronto and in festivals around Europe such as IQMF and the Leeds Queer Film Festival to name a few.

He has worked with the likes of Vogue US, Vogue Italia, Burberry, Puma, Slate, Gucci, Fendi, Farfetch, King Kong, Dazed, Another, Nowness, Vice UK and L’officiel, whereas his personal projects tend to focus on the untold stories of Beirut and uncovering the rich yet eradicated queer histories of the Arab-speaking region through several documentaries and photo stories that have been exhibited and published in festivals and publications from around the globe.

Olga Funk

Olga Funk is the founder of funk magazine, a space for independent magazines in Cologne. Alongside running the space, she works as an art director focussing on editorial design and publishing.

Marc Robbemond

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    Amsterdam, NL

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Marc Robbemond is a core member of Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum – Amsterdam’s notable newsstand existing since 1969. At the store since 2011, he specializes in the discovery, import and circulation of independent magazines and zines from across the globe. Fascinated by stories behind independent publishing, Marc has also been the initiator of many of Athenaeum’s events with indie magazine makers.

Siddhartha Lokanandi

Siddhartha Lokanandi (Hyderabad, India) is a bookseller and cultural worker based in Berlin. Propelled by a vision of a world rich in fugitive visions and mongrel tongues, he moved here in Autumn 2016 and in Winter 2018 he initiated Hopscotch Reading Room, an English language bookshop and event venue. The space has a distinctive focus on diasporic and non-eurocentric perspectives with the aim to expand and deepen the experience of the non-western world (a term used because we lack suitable alternatives) in the realms of ideas, discourse and literature.

Before opening Hopscotch, he was based in New York City for twenty years, working in various roles in book retailing and in the publishing world. Originally from Odisha, on the East coast of India, he left the country to study Geography and Political Theory in Wales and the United States of America.

Steven Watson

Steven Watson runs Stack, the service that searches out the world’s best independent magazines and delivers them to thousands of readers around the world every month. Before starting Stack, he was an editorial director working with organisations including Google, the World Economic Forum and PlayStation.


Schikkimikki is a non-profit zine library. In their small space in Berlin-Neukölln you will find a wild mix of zines and self-published gems of all genres, from different to none. As a project they like to travel and make their mobile collection become a collective work of art.