Indiecon 2022 International Travel Grant

Since many international participants were not able to travel to Indiecon in the last two years, we established six international travel grants for Indiecon 2022: including travel, accommodation, and the opportunity to exhibit and to speak at Indiecon Conference. The grants were awarded by our Curatorial Board. 

Grantees 2022

Hamam Magazine

Hamam is a print-only bathing magazine. We started publishing Hamam Magazine in 2020 for readers to have a good soak and let go. Each issue features essays, artist projects, photography, and interviews with unconventional spirits all over the world.


Journal Safar

Safar, meaning travel in Arabic, is a bilingual design and visual culture journal published from Beirut. The magazine answers to the lack of critical writings on design in the global south, and it works towards acknowledging designers as active agents of cultural production.



From Singapore, Meantime is an independent magazine documenting stories lost to time. Published annually, each issue uncovers Singapore's past through personal stories.


ìrìn journal

Taking its meaning from the yoruba word for “walk” and “journey”, ìrìn journal explores African culture through travel, people and community.


Kajet Journal / Dispozitiv Books

Dispozitiv Books is a publishing studio that seeks to carve out new meanings to the relation between theory and image, between the experiences of the past and the possibilities of the future. Kajet is an annual, Bucharest-based journal of Eastern European encounters.


SICK magazine

SICK is a thoughtful magazine by chronically ill & disabled people currently based out of Maine and London. We publish essays, features, poetry, visual art, and interviews, aiming to challenge the harmful stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding illness and disability.