Independent Publishing Festival 2024

Sep 06 – 08, 2024

Oberhafen, Hamburg - Save the date!

Indie Magazines

Rebellious Matters

At their best, independent magazines are rebellious and playful, challenging the status quo and pushing out beyond the mainstream to shape meaningful and original ways of seeing the world. A long-time friend of Indiecon, Stack will bring together an exciting selection of publishers to create the Indie Magazine Station, with a mix of new titles and old favorites guaranteeing some outstanding reading. Come along to flick through the magazines and their merchandise, and hear some of the publishers, editors, and art directors speak about how they do what they do.

Publishing Despite the War

What difference can a small, independent magazine hope to make in Ukraine’s war effort? We speak with the makers of Solomiya to hear why they started their magazine in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion, what the responses have been like both at home and overseas, and how the mission has changed as the war has pushed into its second year.

Speaker: Vsevolod Kazarin, Sebastian Wells, Andrii Ushytskyi, Ivanna Kozachenko, soлomiya Magazine (UA), Peter Bünnagel, Anne-Lene Proff, Kollektiv Scrollan (DE)

Moderator: Steven Watson, Stack (UK)

Stack is the subscription service for independent magazines. Every month we choose a different title and deliver it to thousands of people around the world – you never know what we’re going to send next, but you do know it will be a beautiful, intelligent magazine you probably wouldn’t otherwise have picked up.

  • Steven Watson runs Stack, the service that searches out the world’s best independent magazines and delivers them to thousands of readers around the world every month. Before starting Stack, he was an editorial director working with organizations including Google, the World Economic Forum, and PlayStation.

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