Independent Publishing Festival 2024

Sep 06 – 08, 2024

Oberhafen, Hamburg - Save the date!

Artist Books

Book as Space

Book – Space – Exhibition: Publishing Projects as Exhibition Space

At, the artists’ book functions not only as an essential element of presentation in the gallery space but also as a portable exhibition space. In this way, the two spatial formats influence each other and encourage visitors to question conventional reception habits. Jae Kyung Kim presents publishing projects that emphasise the circulation of the "book" and the "exhibition" and artists’ book itself perceived as an exhibition; such as Calendar 2023 – Being with Others – Zusammensein, Architecture is Frozen Music by Laure Catugier and Algorithmus und Intuition by Mareike Jacobi. is a project gallery that showcases contemporary artists’ books in three different spaces: the gallery, the book, and the digital.’s Publishing Planet exhibit during Indiecon, highlights publishing projects that function as exhibition spaces. Featuring works by contemporary artists who use the book as a medium for their art,  visitors will be able to experience firsthand how books can serve as immersive and innovative exhibition spaces without geographical limitations. challenges the traditional view of books as mere containers of information, recognizing them as dynamic and multifaceted mediums for artistic expression. The project aims to highlight the potential of books as tools for creating interactive art experiences and spaces.

Furthermore, the display for the exhibition  'Being with Others - Zusammensein' undergoes a transformation, and becomes a new platform in its own right at Indiecon. The work stands for the importance of the artists‘ book community, where creators and readers can gather and exchange ideas. Through its emphasis on the book as a portable exhibition space, is pushing the boundaries of contemporary art and opening up new creative opportunities for artists and audiences alike.

  • Jae Kyung Kim (b. 1984, Seoul, South Korea)

    The project gallery, based in Berlin-Pankow, was founded in 2018 by designer, publisher, and curator Jae Kyung Kim. Kim studied Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London, UK, and Visual Communication at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. As founding director of (Berlin) and co-founder of the artist book publisher ENKR (Naju/Berlin), she realizes artworks at the intersection of print media, conceptual publications, and installations.

Loh Xiang Yun: Immediacy

Upon invitation of, artist Loh Xiang Yun will display a site-specific installation for Indiecon.

Title: Immediacy
Material: Dye-sublimation printing on organza and satin, thread-sewn binding, 1.5m x 6.5m

'Immediacy' was presented at the The 7th abC Art Book Fair held in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai. This 6.5m long fabric collage artwork is composed of three herbarium specimen photos, with varying translucencies, representing the past, present, and future. Herbarium specimens are crucial for studying plant diversity and evolution. It is important to preserve specimens for future generations since they provide immense economic and scientific benefits to society. It is through herbarium specimens that we are able to observe the essence of time. As the artwork will only be displayed during the fair, I wanted the audience to experience its sense of immediacy. — Loh Xiang Yun

  • Loh Xiang Yun is an Artist and Scientific Botanical Illustrator who lives and works in Singapore. Her work interrogates how people relate to nature. Using her observations made through drawing, painting, and photography, she examines the everyday to study how nature is managed and engineered in our cities. Through durational projects that map and document plants in our surroundings, she charts the changing ways we see and define nature

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