Since 12 years now, Kickstarter's mission has been to help bring creative projects to life. With over $200 million pledged to independent presses, art books and uniques zines, the Publishing category has been home to so much more than books.

Join Senior Director of International Christoph Nagel and Kickstarter Ambassador Jonas Pariente to learn best-practices for launching a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. You’ll learn tips on how to prep, present yourself, and personalize your pitch. You’ll get advice on how to create your project video, work with rewards and incentives, how long to run your campaign and how to choose your funding goal. You’ll leave with the skills, ideas and inspiration to launch––and successfully fund––your own campaign. 

Kickstarter Experts

Christoph Nagel

  • Senior Director of International

Jonas Pariente

  • Kickstarter Ambassador