Independent Publishing Festival 2024

Sep 06 – 08, 2024

Oberhafen, Hamburg - Save the date!

Sneakier! Stickier! Small Press Tools Workshop

by Colorama, Gender Fail

Contribute to the Growing Collection of Publishing Tools

In a conversational writing session, participants share their special small press tools or the ones they wish they had. How one doesn’t  reply to emails without feeling guilty, which paper sucks up Riso ink the best, or how to hack Word… tell us! The tools are filled into a template, printed on site, and added to the ever-growing Pragmatic Poetic Sneaky Sticky Reader – This reader is published by Colorama on the occasion of the Indiecon Festival and contains contributions by international publishers like Genderfail, Small Editions, TXTbooks, Dream Press and Small Tune Press.

Workshop (2h) with Be Oakley, Gender Fail (US) and Johanna Maierski, Colorama (DE)