Ecology, Feminism, Care, Faith. In every issue we take a closer look to topics that are relevant to us as a society. Dedicated to the work of Burg Hülshoff – Center for Literature, we believe putting literature into dialogue with the other arts and science creates new perspectives and ideas.

Münster, germany

Founding: 2019

WORD. Issue 3 – Care

WORD. Issue 3 – Care

How caring is our society? Where do you find and where do you miss care. What do you stand up for? For your loved ones? For human rights? For yourself? For people less privileged than yourself? And who takes care of you? Together with artists and experts we started to search for answers.

Language: German, English

Year: 2020

Print run: 300

Format: 160 × 240 mm

Pages: 128

Printing: digital

Price: €7.00