Margaux Bigou

Margaux Bigou was born in New Caledonia and draws on her island origins as she creates her illustrations. Her slippery and melancholic monsters can’t stand the heat and take refuge in experimental editions that blend screenprinting, riso printing, and patience. She is also part of the collective Riso-sur-Mer.

Paris, France

Founding: 2018

Bonne Nuit Pauul

Bonne Nuit Pauul

Bonne Nuit Pauul is a risograph printed short comic by Margaux Bigou. When Pauul gets dumped, he leaves the house to get some fresh air. Pauul heeds mother nature’s call and ventures into the woods, which are getting weirder by the minute.

Language: English, French

Year: 2019

Print run: 150

Format: 185 × 270 mm

Pages: 12

Printing: riso

Price: €12.00

I Will Burn 4U In Hell

I Will Burn 4U In Hell

I Will Burn 4U In Hell is an erotic risograph printed zine by Margaux Bigou. A wet dream inspired by japanese Shunga etchings with kinky furnitures displayed in a 20 pages edition with stitched leporellos.

Language: English

Year: 2020

Print run: 40

Format: 120 × 750 mm

Pages: 20

Printing: riso

Price: €10.00