Happy Potato Press

Happy Potato Press was founded by Martijn in ’t Veld in 2019. We publish books, prints, printed matter and other potatoes. With or without mayonnaise.

Berlin, Germany

Founding: 2019

Berlin in 33 Eyes

Berlin in 33 Eyes

A collection of 33 vignettes about every day life in Berlin. No Brandenburger Tor, Fernsehturm or Alexanderplatz, but beggars, bumpy sidewalks and the knees of Elvis Presley.

Language: Eyes

Year: 2020

Print run: 50

Format: 105 × 148 mm

Pages: 36

Printing: laserprint, perfect-bound

Price: €10.00

One Ingredient Recipes

One Ingredient Recipes

Recipes so simple you don’t even need to eat them. Learn how to take selfies with your mouth full of bananas, go on a blind date with a pear, or see acrobats perform stunts inside a cucumber. If these dishes won’t make you full, they will surely make you smile.

Language: English

Year: 2020

Print run: 1000

Format: 105 × 148 mm

Pages: 128

Printing: offset, softcover

Price: €15.00

The Weather

The Weather

The Weather is a collection of 44 obituaries of artists, writers and musicians, combined with the weather report of the day they died.

Language: Rain

Year: 2019

Print run: 250

Format: 130 × 210 mm

Pages: 48

Printing: laserprint, silkscreen, saddle stitch with gold thread

Price: €12.00