Event Info

We just want to give you a quick heads-up on what awaits you at Indiecon 2020. If you have never been to the festival, we suggest you have a look at the basics. In case you are wondering how we handle Covid-19 measures, check out our corona safety concept.

Here are the quick facts for your visit:

Visitor registration

Due to Covid regulations, you have to register for a free ticket. Right this way, please.

Safety measures

We are still living in pandemic times – please be aware. Bring a face mask. Keep a safe distance. Stay at home if you feel ill. Please, check out our safety concept below for all the measures we will take to make Indiecon as safe as possible.

Opening hours

Saturday, 5 Sept 2020
10 AM – 10 PM
after 6 PM: night market with music

Sunday, 6 Sept 2020
10 AM – 4 PM


Oberhafen, Hamburg
Stockmeyerstraße 43
20457 Hamburg


There will be snacks and drinks for take-away available at the fair. There is also a restaurant and a market hall right next door. Do not worry, you will not have to go hungry.

The basics

What is Indiecon?

Indiecon is a two-day publishing festival set at Hamburg’s Oberhafen, a former freight yard now creative quarter right in the city centre. Its mission is to bring together independent publishers from all over the world and share the ideas usually bound on paper.

Corona Safety

Our most important goal is that every exhibitor and visitor at Indiecon is safe. Meaning: As safe as going to your bakery, your bookstore or meeting up with a friend in the park can be right now. Our gathering will definitely change a lot and achieving this sense of safety while keeping a positive spirit is still a work in progress. Here is the plan so far:

  • Indiecon is in a warehouse, so there is already a lot of space. This year we will double the space with an additional hall and outside areas to make sure all areas and walkways are wide enough to keep a safe distance of 1,5+ metres
  • The total amount of people visiting Indiecon at the same time will be limited to a safe amount
  • We are setting up a system for advance visitor registration, so you can check-in for a certain time period. That way you can (a) make sure to visit Indiecon without waiting and (b) check online if it makes sense to drop by spontaneously (if there’s still space available)
  • We will take measures to make sure everybody realizes which distance is a safe distance.
  • We will ask every visitor and exhibitor to stay at home if they feel ill
  • Everybody on the inside will have to wear a mask, except for children under the age of seven. We will have to ensure that you wear a mask and will keep an emergency stash in case your mask fails.
  • We are especially thinking of people with preconditions, the elderly or other groups at risk who have to be extra careful and might choose to isolate. We will make a digital catalogue available and you woll be able to order the printed catalogue for net cost.
  • We are also thinking about ways to make a digital participation possible, e.g. via a guided video tour or online meetings with exhibitors. This is still a work in progress and we will keep you posted.
International travellers
  • You will most likely be able to travel to Hamburg from most EU countries in September. This may change, though, because it is directly linked to the development of the pandemic in your area (the key right now is: more than 50 infections / 100.000 inhabitants in an area)
  • Many countries outside the EU are designated risk areas by the German government. If you travel to Hamburg from one of these areas, you’ll have to quarantine for 14 days and bring proof you did. In brief: We do not recommend it!
  • Please keep in mind that there might be separate restrictions in place in your country of origin as well, e.g. a travel ban or a quarantine for return visitors. You can find regular updates on the website of German Robert Koch Public Health Institute.
Please keep in mind: There might be changes!
  • We are constantly checking updates on Covid regulations and we will use all available knowledge and tools to minimize the risks of an infection in the setup. In the end it all depends on how the pandemic develops. So all options are still on the table, including a chance of cancellation.

For now, let us keep working on making meeting opportunities like Indiecon less impossible again – by keeping a safe distance, washing hands often and wearing a mask in public places. Thank you!